Our linked practice areas

The firm's consulting focus covers three linked practice areas: strategy, technology and operations. These form the basis for our delivery of sustainable business solutions.

The common thread in all our work is a unique strategic framework which enables complex issues to be ordered and resolved.

  1. Strategy
  2. Technology
  3. Operations


How we can help to improve your business

We believe that business success must be developed through clear strategic thinking, focused positioning for opportunities and innovative use of appropriate technologies.

Our approach to every assignment is flexible and geared to clients' unique business challenges. Because our aim is to assist in achieving corporate sustainability, WCS believes in working with clients to implement the strategic advice we provide.

We are independent and dedicated to providing real value for our clients. Our practice areas bring business advantage to your current corporate situation and ultimately deliver business sustainability.

Why it makes sense to consider Wright Corporate Strategy

WCS offers a unique personal service based on developing a relationship with the client team and their business challenges.

The success of our consulting practice is being built on the basis of our strategic expertise, strong relationships and professional integrity. These dimensions of our performance dominate our business promise and will not be compromised.

We believe in building a lasting partnership with clients and will always ensure that each assignment is completed to the highest quality standards.

The strategic expertise in the firm is derived from:

  • The CEO level operating experience of the partners
  • Our extensive consulting experience and knowledge base
  • Ability to focus on strategy and discover innovative opportunities.


Our corporate experience has taught that implementation is a tough grind. We will always offer to assist clients to implement the advice that we provide: we will not walk away after delivering a report.

We will decline any assignment which we believe will not lead to a satisfactory outcome for the client. And we will not undertake an assignment for one client which could lead another of our clients to believe that a conflict of interest has been created.



Wright Corporate Strategy has gained a reputation for its business strategy practice.

We work with clients to guide strategy development and corporate positioning. This involves a process of identifying strategic alternatives and evaluating competing directions, agendas and opportunities in order to achieve the best balance of potential reward and risk.

We bring to the practice a unique understanding of market drivers and emerging opportunities in the industry sectors in which we specialise.

Some of our advice areas include:

  • Corporate Strategy and Business Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Opportunity Search and Development
  • Organisation Structuring
  • Corporate Strategy Review
  • Product and Service Strategy
  • Alliance Facilitation
  • Public Sector Partnerships
  • Private Sector Partnerships.



Wright Corporate Strategy has a fundamental understanding of the role technology can play in delivering solutions in resource and infrastructure management.

Our experience with technology and our linkages with R&D establishments and users allows us to pass unique insights to our clients. And we are well versed in the processes required to gain approvals for technology and infrastructure based proposals.

Specific activities in which we assist clients include:

  • Commercialisation/market access for technologies
  • Technology review/audit
  • Infrastructure/technology needs analysis and planning
  • Capital works program evaluation.



Much of our work at Wright Corporate Strategy involves assisting clients to achieve peak corporate operations. This invariably demands strategy for near-term business improvement and access to markets.

We bring to this practice a unique understanding of operations management developed through our CEO and chief operating officer positions in periods of major reform.

Our practice areas include:

  • Operations Review and Development
  • Organisation Development and Change Management
  • Tender / Bid Strategy
  • Public Sector Commercialisation and Privatisation
  • Project Delivery Strategy
  • Executive Recruitment


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